A story of language, communism, and 9/11.

As a young man growing up in the Dominican Republic, Miguel Vargas-Caba had an early interest in foreign language.  With minimal resources in a country wrapped up in political turmoil and an eventual civil war, Cabas began writing to people overseas to request books and stamps for his collection.  After teaching himself various languages from Latin to Russian, it was ultimately his curiosity in the latter that would land him in the United States after his mother feared for his life amongst an anti-communist culture.

After adjusting to life in the U.S., Vargas-Caba would eventually earn his green card and contribute to the work force for the next 30 years in the computer industry.  In the days following the attacks on 9/11 he would put his love of language to the test.

Music by  and Lee Noble and Cough Cool.  You can hear and purchase their music over at Pale Blue Records.

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