“There's always a price to be paid for anything you get.
I wish it weren't so, for it's a fearsome dream,
but if it's the worst to come of all that happened I can live with it.”

- Ron Rash


A story of hustles and gambles within lowlife culture.

Charles Farrell could be labeled a number of things: pianist, writer, boxing manager, and hustler. As a teenager, Farrell lived in the streets of Boston, playing piano in mafia-owned clubs. With a love for boxing, he started gambling on high-profile matches while also managing fighters. He fixed an array of professional fights by using code-talk with trainers, foolproof matchmaking, and buying referees and judges. In this story, the highs and lows of gangster culture are explored as Charles Farrell describes the ease of taking advantage of society’s vulnerable parts. 

Sesquipedalian is a collaboration between Everything Is Stories and Love and Radio. 

Love and Radio is produced by Nick van der Kolk and Brendan Baker. Find more at loveandradio.org

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